“When it comes to food, culture is another word for mom.”

Michael Pollan’s edible reading experience, In Defense of Food, highlights the important factor: food is about pleasure, our deepest connection to nature, a relationship we engage in during our entire living existence. However, the pleasure of eating has been taken over by a reductionist view of nutrition-ism and the industries that support it. He also has a lot to say about culture, particularly food culture. Culture tells us what foods to eat, how to eat them, why we should eat them, where we should eat them. In other words, “when it comes to food, culture is another word for mom,” (Pollan). But what does “mom” look like in our Wiki-era? Culture is bigger than mom these days, especially where the kitchen table is concerned. How can we make sure our food cultures are sending the right message…

With 1,500 miles between myself and my mom, I’m looking to my local landscape, Savannah, GA for answers. After all, she prides herself on southern hospitality 🙂


Easy going spirit, outdoor patio @ Cha Bella




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