a “thriving” Savannah

It’s a particularly hot topic these days: education is what’s lacking in America. However, education doesn’t necessarily mean classrooms, recess, and homework. As human beings, we possess the ability to learn from every element within our environment. What better way to learn than through our 3 meal-a-day ritual (for those of us that are lucky)? Wendy Armstrong, owner of Thrive Cafe, Savannah’s first certified green restaurant by the Green Restaurant Association, has made it her mission to inspire, amaze, and delight Savannahians and its many visitors with her local and seasonal fare. As a group of SCAD graduate students in this summer’s Sustainable Practices in Design, we decided our mission was to bring education to the forefront of Thrive’s overall consumer experience. Call it design thinking, call it an awareness campaign, call it whatever you want…it’s a call to action. As a self-proclaimed foodie, terms such as – organic, antioxidants, locavore, grass-fed, compost – aren’t new to me, but to the average American and today’s youth, it could be a foreign language. Our goal was to educate Thrive customers in a simple, fun, and easily-digestible manner. The cafe interior is just the beginning. We have high hopes of expanding our knowledge to Oatland Island Wildlife Center, the Savannah Public School System, and the city via Healthy Savannah. We would love your support! “The best thinkers today [apply] their skills to problems that matter” – IDEO CEO, Tim Brown


Setting up shop @ the Forsyth Farmer's Market




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