Musicians entertain, chefs inspire, farmers teach

Local farmers markets provide more than healthy, fresh produce, they provide an opportunity for interaction, conversation, inspiration, and more. It’s the perfect entertainment package for a Saturday morning and costs much less than a DIRECTV receiver.  The Portland Farmers Market (PFM) is a great role model to us all. Beyond sustaining local food economies, PFM’s strategic plan involves several other initiatives, one of which is Evergreen,  a three-year waste reduction plan. In its first year, Evergreen exceeded its goal of 50% waste reduction from landfill to recycling/composting. Components of the program consist of waste calculation, attainable targets, stations and signage, and education resources for vendors and consumers. Evergreen was adapted from an existing farmers market recycling station of another organization and tailored to meet the needs of the Portland community. Collaboration, funding, planning, and execution were critical to its initial success and will continue to be in the future. Portland Farmers Market has programs for low-income individuals to gain greater access to produce, a market-friendly/community demonstration bike station, a recipe booth, and several kids’ cooking events. What does your farmer’s market look like, or what would you like it to look like? Challenge yourself- what can you buy for $10? Please feel free to share ideas, recipes, and photos! (Source:


What can you buy for $10?




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