Conflict Kitchen

Thanks to fellow colleague Jill Graves for posting this wonderful example of the relationship (usually positive) between food culture and experience of place. Even in times of conflict, we can unite through food and the simple act of sharing a meal. In today’s virtual world, we can co-eat our tagliatelle with our distant neighbors in Tuscany…


Conflict Kitchen

Conflict Kitchen is a take-out restaurant that only serves cuisine from countries with which the United States government is in conflict. Please help us to realize the next stage of the project, “Bolani Pazi”, an Afghan take-out restaurant.
It is easy to forget that behind all of the government conflicts there are people and a culture. When this personal connection is lost, things become dangerous. Conflict Kitchen creates a public forum and space fordiscussions that might not normally take place, mediated by food. Conflict Kitchen also programs public events to more directly connect everyday Americans with everyday people from the country of focus. For example, Kubideh Kitchen brought together members of the public for a live Skype meal between Tehran and Pittsburgh, during which groups in both countries shared the same meal on a virtually connected table: an inter-continental dinner party. Read More

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conflict kitchen concept





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