A lost art

Ken Albala and Rosanna Nafziger recently launched their new cookbook, The Lost Art of Real Cooking: Rediscovering the Pleasures of Traditional Food One Recipe at a Time. A response to America’s reliance on cheap, fast alternatives to real food, Lost Art authors relay that “we’ve been convinced that cooking is drudgery, a task to be avoided.” They’ve dispelled the myth that cake mixes save both time and money. Albala, a University of Pacific history professor, claims it takes no more time than using fresh ingredients to make something from scratch. What’s even more apparent is, as a population, we’ve forgotten how to cook. We’ve lost the simple pleasure and art of preparing ingredients into sustenance, of feeding our families from the table, of sharing conversation and bonding over common goodness.What does this mean for American food culture?  courtesy of tigressinapickle.blogspot.com (Source: good.is)


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