the “alternative”

Last night, a fellow colleague spoke about alternative, no decentralized food systems as the underlying theme for his MFA thesis, a topic that won him this quarter’s prospectus award, congratulations Dustin Larimer! This got me thinking about other parallel trends, and I came across one this morning, the re-emergence of the old-fashioned general store. What was once a community-focused, everything you need for the home store, has since been replaced by specialty retailers. As the economy shifts our culture, the need for a small-town, neighborhood store that delivers curated basics (above and beyond the experience that Wal-Mart can deliver) is on the rise. Stylus, a design database that covers news, global trend analysis, forecasting, retail, colour, and events, highlights the g-stores popping up all over the NorthEast and Western Europe. Welcome to “utilitaria.” My favorite – Labour & Wait in London. (Source:


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