classic with a side of extra crispy


It’s where trendy twenty/thirty somethings go for a cold drink (or as kayvon g from cincinnati put it- their uncanny beer selection), a gourmet stacked all-beef hot dog served on a wooden bar board, and if f***yeahmenswear were reviewing this place…extra crispy fries and mac n cheese (ie: fries cooked to golden perfection in duck fat and drizzled with truffle oil, and mac n cheese sprinkled with extra juicy lobster meat- to die for). In my indecisiveness with the menu, I decided to go a little extra “crunchy” and order the sweet potato falafel. Big mistake, I of all people should know to order the specialty of the chefs, and falafel was not their specialty. In an attempt to recover my appetite, I went straight for the dessert, the magnificent belgium waffles brought to Cincinnati by Coffee Emporium. My $7.5 waffle was accompanied by none other than Kroger premium vanilla ice cream- shame on you for a. letting me see the remains of the container on the way to the trash and b. for not showcasing the excellent talent of graeter’s or madisono’s gelato. And my last regret was asking for a to-go box to drag my crunchy falafel all the way home. Styrofoam, really? Everything (minus the falafel) was perfect to that moment – the menu, branding, signage, atmosphere, our russian-esque waiter, the enthusiastic chefs directly behind us, and the plating…and then I get slapped in the face with a cumbersome styrofoam box. @Senate- you’re a progressive restaurant with great ideas and on top of the trends, sell it to the very end. I’d be happy to consult. And yes, I will go again, if only for the uncanny? beer list and the dogs. PS – for more reviews, check out blogger


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