redefining the problem space

it’s a new year, which inevitably means a new resolution. first and foremost, my new year’s resolution is to curate the perfect thesis topic; it should encompass passion, proactivity, problem solving, and public debate. it should be humane, just, sensitive, and engaging, yet should answer the obvious question, “what makes this a design management problem?” in order to fulfill my master’s degree requirements. after just recently digesting all the commentary from december’s glass house conversation on food issues and public funding for food design r&d hosted by @nicola twilley: food editor, GOOD author, and co-founder of #foodprint_project, i created the following probing and possible thesis statements. thank you to all the wonderful participates for their thought-provoking responses. comments welcome 🙂 1.examining food cultures to improve nutrition education in elementary schools 2. the act of social commentary through the consumption of food design 3. investigating the relationship between “food design” and spatial experience 4. designing spatial experience to counter issues of food insecurity 5. embracing obesity challenges through intentional spatial experience and eating design 6. investigating the impact of food cultures on spatial organization 7. food as a subject to define and organize spatial relationships: experiments in how we experience food spatially 8. investigating small scale urban farming as a catalyst for larger, systemic food design r&d.


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