knocking on the door of an old favorite



On New Year’s Eve, I found my way to Columbus, Ohio to reunite with old friends and old food favorites. To calm Saturday morning’s upset stomach resulting from a night of alcoholic indulgences, we headed to Northstar Cafe, nestled in the Short North district on legendary High Street. A streamlined space dedicated to economic and environmental sustainability and community well-bring, it’s like your local coffeehouse/bookstore meets Whole Foods presentation and grandma’s kitchen. Among the orders from our table: the big burrito (eggs, organic black beans, roasted sweet potatoes sauteed peppers & onions, white cheddar, and Northstar salsa), cloud nine pancakes (ricotta pancakes and real maple), sweet potato and turkey hash (applewood smoked turkey, sweet potato, onions & peppers, and two eggs sunnyside), and the occasionally-featured hot cereal. It was a divine way to start the new year – wholesome food and conversation, and a glass of freshly squeezed shooting star (orange, carrot, lemon, and ginger) to ward off bad luck and free radicals. Sadly, I did not make it to Jeni’s, but I have a hunch a half dozen of her frozen pints may find their way to my Savannah doorstep sometime soon 🙂


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