the future of food

This past Monday, five ladies from the Savannah Local Food Collaborative called a meeting. Their mission: to unite producers, chefs, distributors, local business owners, policy makers, students, and consumers around the issues concerning Savannah’s local food networks. Moderated by a professional collaboration guru, the two-hour session created opportunities for engagement and freedom to exchange information, ideas, concerns, frustrations, etc. Over the course of the evening the room grew from 30 interested advocates to nearly 70- and from 70 great minds, a list of the top five themes was generated. By an overwhelming vote, education ranked as no. 1, followed by coordination, infrastructure/investment, consumer access, and policies. Step 1: rally the troops. Step 2: establish connections around the five themes, determine inherent motivations, and collaborate. Step 3: create an open dialogue for continuous exchange of information. Step 4: enable Savannah to become a model program for sustainable and economical local food.


One thought on “the future of food

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