florida food story

While on a quick trip to south Florida, I stopped to visit with a local citrus farmer, Jerry, and his orange-loving chocolate lab Sophie. It was my first time picking Honeybells and tangerines from the tip top of the trees, carefully making sure to not puncture the skin (we only lost one, and it wasn’t really lost, the juice went right into my mouth 🙂 yum! We ended up with five giant grocery sized bags of the sweetest, juiciest citrus there is! I have my vitamin C for the next month, fresh, local, all-natural, and pesticide-free. Many thanks to the dedicated farmers and the skills and knowledge they lend to curious upcoming generations like me.

simple perfection


jerry and dad walking to the orchard

empty cart waiting to be filled for Highway 80 travelers

picking the hanging fruit

the sweet smell of hard work

lost one to the picker

jerry the citrus grower

jerry and rosalie's outhouses

sophie waits patiently for a tangerine

fruits of our labor


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