Taste: a noble sense

So close to finishing Food: a culinary history from antiquity to the present! And I’m really glad I was able to keep my eyes open long enough to catch the significant passage that highlights the importance of taste. For your reading pleasure, I will share with you this excerpt from the great Saint Jerome of the seventeenth century:

” ‘Taste is not the noblest of the senses, but it is the most necessary. Without taste, man cannot live for long, but he can live without the other senses.’ Although we value taste today, we see it as less important to survival than sight or hearing. Even in the culinary realm, we rely on sight to read food labels, indications of safety and freshness, and so on. We no longer rely on taste to decide what might be harmful to our health, and nutritionists no longer advise us to heed our taste in deciding what to eat.”

Pretty amazing that this was written in the late 1600s, and yet like so many other historical events, still holds true in present day.

a clean plate relies on taste




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