Labels that Grow

When I can’t get to the farmer’s market on the weekend and I’m desperately in need of some produce for a mid-week meal, I head to the grocery store- usually my local Kroger because I can walk (trading 1 carbon footprint in for another). One of the things I struggle most with is packaging for fruits and veggies (plastic bags, plastic wrap, the occasional styrofoam tray, and those annoying PLU stickers). My favorite alternative for plastic comes from BAGGU’s mesh produce bags, which I just realized they no longer carry (you can still find some on other wholesale retail websites). That’s a total bummer, they’re awesome and I’ve gotten so many complements at the market and the store!

But this student from UK, Ben Huttly has the answer. He’s created a take on packaging that solves the waste issue: using 100% biodegradable, recyclable, and plantable paper that is laser-cut and laced with seeds, an extra bonus for mother nature. The twine that holds everything together is made from natural cotton and is also 100% biodegradable. And not to mention, it’s super cute. Let’s bring this idea overseas!


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