Grad Salon

Tomorrow is an opportunity to gain valuable insights and commentary from fellow SCAD graduate students and faculty. The concept behind ‘Grad Salon’ was introduce a few years ago by an eager group of Design Management students who wanted feedback from outside their departments. Within the Design Management (DMGT) department, we have very diverse backgrounds and skill sets: from business administration, anthropology, french horn performance, broadcast and communication, jewelry design, toy design, interior design, and the list continues. However, other majors within the school do not often have the opportunity to interact with individuals with such distinctness. Hence the reason Grad Salon was developed. It’s hosted by different departments twice per quarter, and tomorrow it’s my turn to shine. Having changed the format slightly to accommodate for increasing student participation, I will be presenting 3 times to smaller groups in a more intimate and environment-rich setting. I hope to uncover some ideas that lead to the disconnect between perception and intention when it comes to Slow Food. If you’re from Savannah, please join me and my fellow colleagues tomorrow at Smithfield Cottage. For my mobile readers, I will post the presentation later this week. As always, bring on the feedback!


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