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Eat With Me

During my Sunday blog/website favs scanning sesh, I found this great little eating party gem called Eat With Me, a new social networking site (based in Melbourne) that allows you to create food related events and invite your friends. You can also search events in your area and ask for an invitation. A great way to meet like-minded foodies, engage in great conversations around the table, and grow a community of individuals who value time spent sharing a meal. So far, it looks like I am a lone dot in the Savannah EWM landscape, so fellow food lovers, come eat with me and let’s get this party started!


The innerworkings of dinner on the farm

Today I met with two of my favorite fellow food ladies to discuss the logistics of hosting a dinner on the farm for a crowd of hungry Savannah locavores. Can four amateur chefs really pull off a 5-course dinner for 40 people using locally-sourced produce and limited kitchen accommodations in less than a month? We’re determined and truly inspired…mainly by the beautiful photos from a group of devoted culinary adventurists in California who started Outstanding in the Field back in 1998. Today, they travel around the country and Europe hosting dinners on the farm with their signature white linen tables that extend for what seems like miles.

Aside from grappling with numbers, costs, distribution, accommodations, and the like…we’re also wondering what do we want to get out of this “project?” What should people experience? What should they take away? Is this even possible, or is it just too difficult to source meals locally and make it affordable – and that’s why people  don’t do it on a regular basis? If nothing else, this will be one of those tried and true learning experiences. The first attempt may not be outstanding, but it will be an outstanding effort. Stay tuned!

#MWIF January 24

I consulted some of my favorites last week to beat the Savannah winter blues, a visit to the Crypt Pub for a bite of Kelly’s pork belly over sauteed lentils and tomato foam, Ms. Cat Compton’s quinoa black bean burgers, Ms. Oh Joy’s coconut fro-yo, and roasted garlic, white bean and kale soup from the Fresh cookbook by John Bishop. Will be happy to share recipes!

my week in food #MWIF – january 16

my week in food #MWIF –  for recipes or to request an invitation to dinner – send me a msg 🙂

bbq show down

In honor of Ohio State’s big win over Penn State yesterday: tailgating for champions from our BBQ expert Josh Crandall…brown sugar and black peppercorns, tasty.

O-H-I-O (oh how i love…bbq and bacon)

late harvest sunday pasta

I’ve decided to post a weekly recipe inspired by coastal Georgia’s in-season produce. This week’s recipe honors two of my favorite Italian staples: tomatoes and fresh basil. FROM THE GARDEN OR MARKET: 2 tomatoes (any variety), fresh bunch of basil, 2 ears of corn (cooked and off-the-cob), half a lemon (juiced and zested) FROM THE PANTRY: 1/4 box whole wheat spaghetti, 2 tbsp olive oil, 2 tsp minced garlic, cracked red pepper flakes, grated parmesan cheese, walnuts, salt and pepper to taste FROM THE CHEF: Heat water and a dash of salt in a large stock pot until boiling, add corn and cook until tender. Set aside to cool and then remove kernels from cob. Add dried pasta to the same water and cook until al dente. Meanwhile, in a skillet heat olive oil and garlic, saute for 2 min, add tomatoes followed by corn, saute for 3-5 min, juice and zest half a lemon and add to the tomato/corn mixture. Season with salt, pepper, and a generous amount of red pepper flakes. When pasta is cooked to perfection, add to saute mixture. Assemble into bowls, add freshly grated parmesan cheese, chopped walnuts, torn basil, a drizzle of olive oil and some extra red pepper. Enjoy with your favorite crisp white wine variety. In this case, I would recommend a sauvignon blanc.