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Eat With Me

During my Sunday blog/website favs scanning sesh, I found this great little eating party gem called Eat With Me, a new social networking site (based in Melbourne) that allows you to create food related events and invite your friends. You can also search events in your area and ask for an invitation. A great way to meet like-minded foodies, engage in great conversations around the table, and grow a community of individuals who value time spent sharing a meal. So far, it looks like I am a lone dot in the Savannah EWM landscape, so fellow food lovers, come eat with me and let’s get this party started!


The innerworkings of dinner on the farm

Today I met with two of my favorite fellow food ladies to discuss the logistics of hosting a dinner on the farm for a crowd of hungry Savannah locavores. Can four amateur chefs really pull off a 5-course dinner for 40 people using locally-sourced produce and limited kitchen accommodations in less than a month? We’re determined and truly inspired…mainly by the beautiful photos from a group of devoted culinary adventurists in California who started Outstanding in the Field back in 1998. Today, they travel around the country and Europe hosting dinners on the farm with their signature white linen tables that extend for what seems like miles.

Aside from grappling with numbers, costs, distribution, accommodations, and the like…we’re also wondering what do we want to get out of this “project?” What should people experience? What should they take away? Is this even possible, or is it just too difficult to source meals locally and make it affordable – and that’s why people  don’t do it on a regular basis? If nothing else, this will be one of those tried and true learning experiences. The first attempt may not be outstanding, but it will be an outstanding effort. Stay tuned!

Finally in business

Spent the afternoon on a date with photoshop and illustrator, and finally arrived at a design for new business cards. Thanks to my friend, Cat, who showed me her new digs last night, I fell in love with Moo, and you should too! My new mini moo cards should be arriving in about 10 days! Can’t wait for that sweet little package, here’s a preview 🙂


Labels that Grow

When I can’t get to the farmer’s market on the weekend and I’m desperately in need of some produce for a mid-week meal, I head to the grocery store- usually my local Kroger because I can walk (trading 1 carbon footprint in for another). One of the things I struggle most with is packaging for fruits and veggies (plastic bags, plastic wrap, the occasional styrofoam tray, and those annoying PLU stickers). My favorite alternative for plastic comes from BAGGU’s mesh produce bags, which I just realized they no longer carry (you can still find some on other wholesale retail websites). That’s a total bummer, they’re awesome and I’ve gotten so many complements at the market and the store!

But this student from UK, Ben Huttly has the answer. He’s created a take on packaging that solves the waste issue: using 100% biodegradable, recyclable, and plantable paper that is laser-cut and laced with seeds, an extra bonus for mother nature. The twine that holds everything together is made from natural cotton and is also 100% biodegradable. And not to mention, it’s super cute. Let’s bring this idea overseas!

The Equal Exchange Free Range Cafe

Would you like your coffee served from the cutest on-the-go trike ever? Yes, please! Meet the Equal Exchange Free Range Cafe, the first mobile coffee trike of its kind in Boston. An initiative from the West Bridgewater company, which focuses primarily on sustainable and environmentally conscious business practices, Equal Exchange decided to take fair-trade brew to the streets of Boston. The title “free range cafe” is perfectly symbolic of the trike’s mission and  it’s ability to cover lots of ground. Cafe developer Meghan Hubbs conceptualized Equal Exchange, and through its presence in the city, hopes to reframe the company’s local image and perhaps change Boston’s coffee culture. The Free Rangers say it’s caffeinated euphoria, I think it’s simply smart and too cute to say no to.

On your next morning commute, visit the Free Range trike at the Charles MGH station.

Smart Reuse- Palatable Pallets

Just came across this great reuse project for leftover pallets. Perfect for a restaurant, but even more perfect for a pantry or an open-air kitchen. Provided they are in good shape, I would love to find homes for all my mix-matched tableware, linens, and rows of root vegetables among the pallet shelves. And if you haven’t seen this site, check out pinerest immediately!

what katie ate

A good friend just sent me the link to this amazing food blog “What Katie Ate” – an Aussie based food photographer and food stylist. Thus, my afternoon will now consist of swooning over her artistic elegance and “tasteful” creations. Click the photo to experience yourself!

what is eating design?

Industrial designer turned food designer turned eating designer Marije Vogelzang is “inspired by the origin of food and the preparation, etiquette, history, and culture around it.” I came across the term #eatingdesign a few weeks ago, and have since been pondering it’s meaning and application to everyday life. Marije’s designs are not only beautiful, they are as she calls them, ephemeral. I am truly inspired by her work and already thinking of how to incorporate her concepts into educational platforms…how do you teach a child how and why to eat veggies when he’s never seen asparagus before?