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Just came across this from my weekly Good Food Jobs email blast, and I have to say, this is a fantastic idea. Freshocracy is the brain child of Christina DeLaura who is working to bring sustainably harvested, fresh market ingredients to kitchen tables across NYC. A simple concept – she does the shopping at the market, prepares healthy recipes, incorporates pantry staples perfectly portioned so there is zero-waste, and delivers them to your door. She’s even done the math – the average cost of eating out is around $48 (with tax and tip), the average cost of take-out is about $19, and the average cost of a freshocracy meal is only $15 (which includes 4 servings). It sounds like a no-brainer for singles or families who want meals made from local ingredients but don’t have the time, energy, or access to farmer’s markets. What I love most is that amateur, at-home chef’s are learning new skills with each delivery, and hopefully spreading the message and sharing food love with others. A message from the maker – Join. Cook. Enjoy.

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Eat With Me

During my Sunday blog/website favs scanning sesh, I found this great little eating party gem called Eat With Me, a new social networking site (based in Melbourne) that allows you to create food related events and invite your friends. You can also search events in your area and ask for an invitation. A great way to meet like-minded foodies, engage in great conversations around the table, and grow a community of individuals who value time spent sharing a meal. So far, it looks like I am a lone dot in the Savannah EWM landscape, so fellow food lovers, come eat with me and let’s get this party started!

A Starlander Afternoon


Last week, I had the lovely pleasure of spending the afternoon in Starlander Cafe’s back patio, while conducting a little collective brainstorm with my talented colleague. This is the perfect place to escape – from trolley buses, carriages, oblivious bikers, haunted ghost tours- all those seemingly tourist attractions that drive locals crazy. Not only has Starlander perfected the panini making methodology (the bread is supplied by local Harris Baking Co), they have a superb and friendly waitstaff! And if you’re lucky, they will let you stay in the patio as long as you like after hours and watch the pups at the adjacent dog park frolic and play. So take a little stroll south of Forsyth in the Starland District and enjoy a perfect panini and a glass of sweet tea. On cooler days (like yesterday), the “goat bomb” is a must. Thai tomato soup with a surprise hunk of fresh goat cheese in the bottom. It’s a creamy concoction that’s undeniably amazing!

Back in the Day

A recent visit to one of my favorite Savannah food stuffs provided the perfect opportunity for an impromptu photo-op. Back in the Day is known for its amazing confectionaries and freshly baked bread, resulting in perfect panini pairings (my fav are the madras curry chicken and bacon jam) oozing with flavor explosions. But aside from the delicious eats, I love the interior charm. It really is like being back in the day, with self-serve cream and italian sodas in the refrigerator and workers running about, adorned in their home-made printed aprons. So next time you’re in town, slow down and stop in for a sweet southern surprise, and cozy up in their eclectic space.

It’s not uncommon to see a birthday princess in her tutu


The Equal Exchange Free Range Cafe

Would you like your coffee served from the cutest on-the-go trike ever? Yes, please! Meet the Equal Exchange Free Range Cafe, the first mobile coffee trike of its kind in Boston. An initiative from the West Bridgewater company, which focuses primarily on sustainable and environmentally conscious business practices, Equal Exchange decided to take fair-trade brew to the streets of Boston. The title “free range cafe” is perfectly symbolic of the trike’s mission and  it’s ability to cover lots of ground. Cafe developer Meghan Hubbs conceptualized Equal Exchange, and through its presence in the city, hopes to reframe the company’s local image and perhaps change Boston’s coffee culture. The Free Rangers say it’s caffeinated euphoria, I think it’s simply smart and too cute to say no to.

On your next morning commute, visit the Free Range trike at the Charles MGH station.

Smart Reuse- Palatable Pallets

Just came across this great reuse project for leftover pallets. Perfect for a restaurant, but even more perfect for a pantry or an open-air kitchen. Provided they are in good shape, I would love to find homes for all my mix-matched tableware, linens, and rows of root vegetables among the pallet shelves. And if you haven’t seen this site, check out pinerest immediately!

Co-ops on Campus

I just came across this organization, and quite frankly, don’t know how I missed it! COFED (cooperative food empowerment directive) is a nationwide training program that reaches out to college students and educates/empowers them with ways to create and establish “ethically-sourced and cooperatively run” sustainable food stores and cafes, as an alternative to the fast food options that inevitably lead to those unflattering Freshman fifteen. Currently, they  have partnered with 8 west coast schools: University of Washington, Oregon State University, Humboldt State, UC Davis,  UC Santa Barbara, UC Berkeley, City College of San Francisco, and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo… and they have grand aspirations for the next five years: train 1,000 student leaders, initiate 35 new sustainable store fronts, and reach over 700,000 college students. They are presently seeking donations to match the $30,000 already attained through their Launch Committee, so if you have a few dollars to spare after those tax refunds, put them towards educating the next generation of America’s college students on the value of alternative food systems.


I'll always take fresh over frozen.




what katie ate

A good friend just sent me the link to this amazing food blog “What Katie Ate” – an Aussie based food photographer and food stylist. Thus, my afternoon will now consist of swooning over her artistic elegance and “tasteful” creations. Click the photo to experience yourself!

my foodie tour

Just picked up the 3rd edition of Well Fed, Savannah’s food and dining guide. On my list for 2011 stops: Circa1875, Noble Fair, the AVIA kitchen, Sapphire Grill, Olympia Cafe, Bar|Food, Sweet Potatoes, and FORM carry-out. Any other recommendations or comments? I checked off quite a few of the listings in the book, needless to say, I’m no stranger to the Savannah food scene. I will be compiling my list of favorites shortly! Happy Eating 🙂


Bakeshop Flavors

Just another reason to derail the New Year’s diet, my favorite Ohio-based ice creamery Jeni’s Ice Creams just launched their 2011 Bakeshop flavors…now on the market: bananas&honey, brambleberry crisp, honey butter cake, roxbury road, and ylang ylang honeycomb. The temptation is far too great!